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Unlocking the hidden flair in course of maths & other subjects to make it easy to understand for your child

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Expert tutorials was founded with the goal of providing quality instruction at a fair price. Expert Tutorials has a solution that will meet each and every student’s individual needs.


Concept base Teaching, Techniques and Regular Revision of Subjects Help Us to Produce 100% Results.


Substantial Materiel for in depth Preparation Extensive Practice Materiel and detailed Explanatory help students.

Experienced Staff

We have experienced staff with teaching experience ranging from 05 to 07 Years with 100% success rate.


We customised Practice Session With Elaborate Explanation for Every Question brings concept clarity and understanding.
Demo Class

Register for a free 60 minute demo class at Expert Tutorials and see the difference. Our Instructors will also understand students credibility and define what learning style will work best

Active Students

We offer unique learning experiences. With more knowledge and expertise we teach students and help them succeed! Expert Tutorials is one of the Best Institute for Coaching / Home Tuitions and counselling, Running successfully at Edmonton, Canada

We feel Extremely Delighted to share our 100% Result has been Produced Once again.

Once again, our students have achieved their career and boosted knowledge in every stream.

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With Expert Tutorials, you will have access to the best teachers to understand concepts clearly and get all your doubts cleared. Our tutors will help you prepare for the course through one-on-one or one-to-few sessions that cover a wide range of problems based on the syllabus.

Free Demo Session

You can take a FREE trial session from any tutor on signing-up. Benefit from live classes with your private tutor as concepts, formulae and theories are discussed and reviewed from the comfort of your home.

Group Study

With a maximum of 4 students per group, we will have one on one sessions once or twice a month to ensure your child receives the best instruction and educational experience.

One on One

With a full attention to details our one on one sessions are designed on the basis of your child’s learning capabilities and complete step by step instructions for better understanding.

Homework Help

Stay on the top with all the school homework. Our instructor will help your child with finishing their homework by providing with all basic information required to finish it with ease.

Online Learning

Online sessions are one of the most convenient ways through which we meet up at least 90 mins for every session on Google hangouts or Skype and discuss about the problems.

Solve your Doubts with ease

If you just have doubts in tricky math topics like trigonometry, probability, statistics, even then, you can just book a quick session with Expert Tutorials and get answers in real-time. Our Tutors can help you understand and relate to everything in mathematics from Geometry, Sets and Relation, Calculus, Quadratic Equation to Algebra.

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Crack tough exam questions  through discussion boards and practice tests to be ahead of the class and come out on top! Enjoy the benefit of a home tutor by selecting one of our expert tutors. At Expert Tutorials, we’ll help bring out the best in you with our carefully devised, interactive classes.

Let's Study Better. Together.

Providing comprehensive subject curriculum, tasks, lesson plans, professional services and a format for engaging discussion.


One on One Study
$25 Onwards / Session. Depends on Grade
  • Course-based study.
  • Personal Attention.
  • Guaranteed Results.
  • Weekly Worksheets.
  • Mock Tests


Set Schedule of Teaching
$175 onwards / session. Depends on Grade
  • Course-based study
  • Personal Attention
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Mock Tests
The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.
Vishal Sharma

Founder & Instructor

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